THE FIFTH TROOPER - Northeast Open '19

Using some of the art that I created for Adepticon, plus some addition art, Jay Shelanskey of The Fifth Trooper created these amazing Star Wars Legion alt art cards to be given away at the Northeast Open tournament.


I had the pleasure of doing some art for The Fifth Trooper who did an incredible job streaming AdeptiCon and turning my drawings into awesome animations. To view the animations please visit their Youtube channel.


Recently I had the pleasure of doing art for some alt art cards for the Star Wars Legion blog Impact X. I did the cartoony side! I love how these cards are turning out!


I had the pleasure of doing art for The Screening Room podcast episode covers.

Donni’s Doodles (Jack Marshall Can’t Do This, The Moonstone)

In the fall of 2017 I had the pleasure of being part of Screen14 Pictures’ webseries, Jack Marshall Can’t Do This as well as their followup series The Moonstone

The show is a transmedia project as it spills out from the show into social media. Donni, who is one of the characters, posts comics satirizing the events of the episodes on her Instagram – @donnionthego. I was tasked with ghost drawing these comics for her. Each comic was written by Victoria Hansen.

The rest can be viewed here, but are best viewed by visiting Donni’s Facebookor Instagram.

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