Andrew Johnson

Here’s a quick drawing I did of the 17th US president, Andrew Johnson. He was the first president to ever be impeached. He was impeached for being too fun.

Baby Yoda Mask

Always wanted your very own baby Yoda!? Now’s your chance!

Step 1) Cut out mask with sharp object
Step 2) Grab baby. One you know. Kidnapping is illegal most places
Step 3) Attach to baby. Use string or rubber band. DO NOT USE STAPLES!
Step 4) Now you have your very own baby Yoda! Yay!

Sabine Wren

Here is another character drawing that I did for  The Fifth Trooper Network and their awesome Alt Art Cards.

I'll the finished cards at a later date!

Imperial Officer

I guess I did something right because The Fifth Trooper Network asked me to do more drawings for their awesome Alt Art Cards.

I'll post more at a later date!

Happy New Years!

Here’s to a new year and a new decade of endless possibilities ☺️‬

‪My version of the @retrosupply tutorial found at

THE FIFTH TROOPER - Northeast Open '19

Using some of the art that I created for Adepticon, plus some addition art, Jay Shelanskey created these amazing Star Wars Legion alt art cards to be given away at the Northeast Open tournament.

View the rest here:

Final ‘The Moonstone’ Comic

Posted on May 14, 2019

Here’s the final comic that I did for @screen14pics amazing transmedia webseries The Moonstone. Also follow @donnionthego to see the comics that I did for their last project.

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